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Welcome to our newest intern!

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Hello everyone! My name is Catherine, and I’m JONAH’s new intern for this spring. You may have seen my name as the author of the last few posts so I figured it was about time I introduced myself! I’m a 23-year-old college student at UWEC, studying English and Communications, and also pursuing a Women’s Studies certificate. I love to write, and I aspire to be an author of many sorts throughout my career, whether that be through writing for a magazine or other publication, or putting all of my prose and poetry together in an anthology of sorts. I am a very proud feminist and a member of College Feminists on campus, so I am constantly striving to involve myself more in the community around me and make it a better and more inclusive place for all.

I also work in the Communications and Journalism department here at UWEC, and I am a Student Ambassador for a campaign called Circles of Change. We are a group of people committed to building a more racially and ethnically diverse and accepting climate for all who live in the Chippewa Valley and hold dialogue groups each semester to further strengthen our efforts and broaden our reach. Becoming JONAH’s newest intern was a step in the exact direction I was searching for – to become more personally involved in my community and become aware of issues outside of those that directly affect me. I live this busy life all while raising my three-year-old son. He inserts joy (and chaos!) into my everyday life and his curiosity keeps me going forward so I can not only find sufficient answers to his questions but hopefully, contribute positively to a world in the pursuit of much better answers. I’m excited for what this year has to offer!