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Commit to Ending Child Poverty in Wisconsin!

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Back in December, over 50 people met at DeLong Middle School to kick off the statewide campaign to end child poverty in Wisconsin. This is a very important issue for us to address since, in Wisconsin, 1 in 5 children live in poverty. Twenty percent of the population of our children being at poverty level is not a statistic we should feel comfortable with, so it is crucial that we get involved! Poverty affects the mental and physical development of children as well as how successful they will be throughout their lives, and since children are our future, it is imperative that we prevent the effects of poverty by starting at the source. WISDOM, Citizen Action, the Wisconsin Council of Churches and Kids Forward (see Wisconsin Council on Children and Families) want to reduce child poverty by 50% in the next 10 years.

We CAN reduce child poverty in Wisconsin, but not without your help!

What we’re asking right now is very simple and very easy.  We want everyone (including you!) to go to and add their names to the list of people who endorse the three-part goal:

     –For Wisconsin to reduce child poverty by half in 10 years

     –To reduce racial disparities in child poverty by half in those same 10 years

     –To establish a reliable, nonpartisan mechanism to measure our progress toward those goals, and to report on it annually. has a lot of other good materials, including a pretty self-explanatory PowerPoint about the campaign which you are free to use as you spread the word to your neighbors, friends, relatives, and others in your network.

If you have Facebook, you can point others towards the Facebook page to help spread the message that way: Here is a link to a drive with some other materials you might wish to use that assist with social media posts and give information on the best way to reach the most people.

Thank you for signing the campaign, and urging others to sign as well!

Our goal is to help Wisconsin get its priorities straight.  How do we know if we are on the right track?  We think the best measure of our state is how well we are caring for our youngest, most vulnerable people.