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Max’s Intro

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Photo of Max Martinson

My name is Max Martinson, and I’m an English major at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I’m a senior, and I am very fond of all of the memories I have had in this community, and with all of the people I have met in my brief time here in Eau Claire. I’m very excited to be interning with JONAH this semester, and I hope that I can contribute in a positive way. I am originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, and I grew up in a family of four. In high school I was on the speech team, and took pride in my role as “Hobbes” from the comic, Calvin and Hobbes. While I’ve been in college I have enjoyed playing the guitar in my free time, traveling to Central America on two occasions, and getting to know the people Eau Claire. I plan to savor my last year at Eau Claire, and I know that JONAH will be one of the best parts!