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JONAH - Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope, a grassroots organization, comprised primarily of diverse faith communities, seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley into relationship and empower one another to build a healthier and fairer community for us all.

Latest News

Tribute to John Stedman, 1949-2016

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On Sunday, June 5, 2016, the JONAH Community heard the sad and shocking news that our JONAH organizer, John Stedman, died after suffering a massive heart attack.
John’s passing leaves a huge hole in many lives.  Of course, there is John’s wife and daughter, Sharon and Malia.  There are the members of First Presbyterian Church, where John was more than a pillar.  Read More…

Volunteers Needed to Work Market Match at Phoenix Farmers’ Market

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Market Match helps families participating in FoodShare/SNAP put healthy food on the table. Those participating in FoodShare/SNAP can double their tokens each week up to $10 per SNAP card. Tokens are sold from June to September on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm by 4-H and JONAH volunteers. If you would like to assist with Market Match, Read More…

New Federal Regulations Will Soon Affect Pay Day Lenders

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Last month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  issued a report on online payday loan payments  and plans to release a set of regulations governing the industry in the near future. These regulations will require the lender to assess the borrowers ability to repay before giving a loan. They will also limit the lenders’ access to borrowers’ Read More…

N’TOSAKE Sponsors Training Program for Women

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Change doesn’t just happen. We make it happen, if we have the right tools.
N’TOSAKE is a leadership development program giving women the tools to affect change in their lives, congregations or organizations, and in their communities. N’TOSAKE is a South African name that means “She who walks with lions; she who carries her own things.”
On September 15-17, Read More…

Immigration Myths and Facts

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There are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas about immigrants in the United States. Here are some facts you can use to combat myths that you may hear about our immigrant neighbors.
MYTH: Immigrants are a drain on our social services.
FACT: By paying taxes and Social Security, immigrants contribute far more to government coffers than they use in social services. Read More…

How to Use Facebook to Benefit JONAH

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Facebook is a great medium to share information. With just one click of a button you can instantly share to everyone on your friends list a status, photo, article, or video. Even better, people can then share things that you post to everyone on their own friends list. This makes Facebook the perfect platform to spread awareness of the current events, Read More…

A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants Interviews

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On February 18th, thousands of people showed up at Madison’s capitol to protest the proposed anti-immigrant laws AB450/SB369 and SB533/AB723. AB450/SB369 would encourage the police to ask people who have been charged with a crime about their immigration status. SB533/AB723 would prohibit local municipalities from providing local ID cards for undocumented people and those who lack the documents to obtain state Ids. Read More…

Understanding the Societal Narratives

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At the 2-day WISDOM Retreat in January, attendees heard the terms “Current Dominant Narrative” and “Equity Narrative” as related to race, poverty and power in the United States. What do these and how do they affect those thirsting for social justice? has a definition of dominant narrative that makes it easy for us to understand. Read More…

Help Get Out the Vote!

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We’re confident that JONAH Journal readers are also regular voters. However, it’s important to convince others to vote. As you are persuading others to vote (not who to vote for; just to VOTE) here’s some information you may want to share.
When do we need to register by?
You can register any time before the day of elections and also on election day. Read More…

Become a JONAH Lightning Team Member!

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JONAH is seeking individuals to form a Lightning Team to respond rapidly to local and statewide issues such as:

Ending Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice reform
Immigration reform
Affordable Housing
Global Warming
Payday Lending
Public Health

Expectations for the JONAH Lightning Team include:

Willingness to meet periodically as a Team
Willingness to keep up-to-date on one or more issue areas
Willingness to contact legislators when timely action is required
Willingness to travel on occasion for hearings and other time-sensitive events
Willingness to engage in local as well as statewide issues

Responsibilities for the JONAH Lightning Team may include:

Contact your legislators or local government officials by phone or email
Spread the word through social media
Write a letter to the Editor
Volunteer to staff a JONAH booth at local events
Attend local listening sessions
Travel to Madison or a Congressional District Office to have face-to-face conversations with legislators or staff
Testify at public hearings
Give presentations on JONAH or particular JONAH / WISDOM issues (training available)

The JONAH Lightning Team members:

Maintain a non-partisan posture when representing JONAH or WISDOM
Listen & Read More…