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JONAH - Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope, a grassroots organization, comprised primarily of diverse faith communities, seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley into relationship and empower one another to build a healthier and fairer community for us all.

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You Are Invited to the Advancing Hope Fund Picnic

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The Advancing Hope Fund invites you and your family to join us as we celebrate

5 years  of service to the Chippewa Valley
$25,000 in loans given
a New Partnership with EXPO (Ex-Prisoners Organizing)

Please Come!
August 26, 2017
Noon to 3pm
Boyd Park Pavillion, 1102 Main Street, Eau Claire
Barbecues and lemonade will be provided, Read More…

Thank You from EXPO

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EXPO Says Thanks

Thanks to all who attended EXPO’s initial fundraiser on June 6 at First Congregational UUC! Sufficient funding was raised to send 5 people to the week long leadership training coming up in a few weeks. Having so many EXPO leaders formally trained in organizing and serving the community will give the organization a big boost. Read More…

Health Impact Assessment Shows Crimeless Revocation is Harmful

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Attendees at the December 14 JONAH Press Conference learned first hand how harmful crimeless revocation can be on individuals, families, and communities.
David Liners, Executive Director of WISDOM, JONAH’s parent organization, explained that crimeless revocation places people on parole or probation in jail without their having broken any additional laws. A simple traffic ticket can result in incarceration. Read More…

The Stedman Step-Up Fund

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The Stedman Step-Up Fund, established to honor the memory of the late John Stedman, raises money to provide a scholarship to the Gamaliel Weeklong Leadership Training, where attendees can learn the skills necessary to become leaders in their communities.  It would be an understatement to say that John, the former JONAH Organizer, was passionate about social justice, Read More…

Interview with Sarah Ferber

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Recently, Sarah Ferber became the new Chippewa Valley EXPO Organizer. To get to know her better, we asked her some questions about her interest in EXPO, future plans for the group, social justice, and more. You can read Sarah’s responses below.

What interests you most about leading the EXPO group?

I am interested in helping other formerly incarcerated individuals find their voice and become engaged in our community. Read More…

Interview with Brandon Buchanan

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In the interest of getting to better know Brandon Buchanan, JONAH’s new Organizer, we asked him to tell us a little bit about himself, his hobbies, his interest in JONAH and social justice in general, and more. You can read Brandon’s responses below.

Why are you interested in being the JONAH Organizer?

For anyone who knows me, Read More…

Stedman Step-Up

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As many of you know, former JONAH Organizer John Stedman died unexpectedly earlier this year.  The Stedman Step-Up Fund was established to honor his memory.  The Stedman Step-Up Fund raises money to provide a scholarship to the Gamaliel Weeklong Leadership Training, where attendees are able to learn the skills necessary to become leaders in their communities. Read More…

UW-Eau Claire Honors Class Students Send Tributes to John Stedman

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Many people may not know that John Stedman, who died unexpectedly in June, team-taught a UW-Eau Claire Honors Class with Dr. Ruth Cronje. John enjoyed this endeavor and loved working with the students as they collected data for a social justice research project. Here are excerpts from the tributes students sent upon hearing of John’s passing. Read More…

Share Your Story at the Whirled Table

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Stories reveal our common values, aspirations, and interconnectedness. They also help us to appreciate our differences.
Did you know that in Madagascar ripe mangoes are picked using a long stick? I didn’t, until Mita described his first return journey to his native land and mentioned his goal to someday use a pole to pick a ripe mango in Madagascar.  Read More…

JONAH and EXPO Participate in Solidarity Day

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On Tuesday, June 21st at 5:30pm in Phoenix Park, 20 citizens gathered along with other prisoner advocacy groups across Wisconsin to stand in solidarity with the men who have been refusing to accept food in protest of injustice in the use of Solitary Confinement is Wisconsin prisons. Read More…