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JONAH - Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope, a grassroots organization, comprised primarily of diverse faith communities, seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley into relationship and empower one another to build a healthier and fairer community for us all.

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Volunteers Needed to Work Market Match at Phoenix Farmers’ Market

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Market Match helps families participating in FoodShare/SNAP put healthy food on the table. Those participating in FoodShare/SNAP can double their tokens each week up to $10 per SNAP card. Tokens are sold from June to September on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm by 4-H and JONAH volunteers. If you would like to assist with Market Match, Read More…

Plan to Attend the June 6th Poverty Forum: Develop Next Steps

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Over the last 18 months WISDOM, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, Citizen Action, and the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families have hosted 18 regional forums on poverty throughout the state. Two of those were co-sponsored by JONAH and held here in Eau Claire. At those events, we received lots of input from forum participants on both the substance and the message of a potential major campaign led by the faith community to reduce poverty in our state over the next decade. Read More…

Building Your Community’s Power through Listening Campaigns: a JONAH Training Session

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JONAH is sponsoring a training session entitled:
Building Your Community’s Power through Listening Campaigns
 Date: Monday, June 20, 2016
Location: St. James the Greater Gathering Space, 2502 11th Street, Eau Claire, WI
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Faith communities, organizations, and government entities all use strategies to become and stay strong. One of those strategies is Listening Campaigns. Read More…

New Federal Regulations Will Soon Affect Pay Day Lenders

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Last month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  issued a report on online payday loan payments  and plans to release a set of regulations governing the industry in the near future. These regulations will require the lender to assess the borrowers ability to repay before giving a loan. They will also limit the lenders’ access to borrowers’ Read More…

N’TOSAKE Sponsors Training Program for Women

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Change doesn’t just happen. We make it happen, if we have the right tools.
N’TOSAKE is a leadership development program giving women the tools to affect change in their lives, congregations or organizations, and in their communities. N’TOSAKE is a South African name that means “She who walks with lions; she who carries her own things.”
On September 15-17, Read More…

Random Act of Singing Celebrates the Positive Aspects of Paying Taxes

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On Friday, April 15,  approximately 15 JONAH supporters sauntered through downtown Eau Claire stopping for songs at the Federal Building and the Eau Claire County Courthouse to celebrate our tax money being used for its intended purpose “to promote the general welfare.”
The singers message was: “Dear Taxpayers, Thank you for roads, and schools, Read More…

Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance and JONAH Goals Align

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JONAH’s Board Member and liaison to the Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance, Mark Quam, was recently appointed as the State of Wisconsin representative to the National Association of Rail Passengers. Congratulations, Mark! Certainly transit is a social justice issue that melds into several areas of high interest to JONAH: transportation, environment, equity and access for all!
Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance has recently designated their top priorities for 2016. Read More…

Immigration Myths and Facts

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There are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas about immigrants in the United States. Here are some facts you can use to combat myths that you may hear about our immigrant neighbors.
MYTH: Immigrants are a drain on our social services.
FACT: By paying taxes and Social Security, immigrants contribute far more to government coffers than they use in social services. Read More…

How to Use Facebook to Benefit JONAH

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Facebook is a great medium to share information. With just one click of a button you can instantly share to everyone on your friends list a status, photo, article, or video. Even better, people can then share things that you post to everyone on their own friends list. This makes Facebook the perfect platform to spread awareness of the current events, Read More…

2016 Eau Claire Healthy Communities Annual Celebration

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Eau Claire Healthy Communities is hosting their Annual Celebration where they will celebrate their 20th Anniversary and the accomplishments of our community. There will be an interactive session around health disparities, and a light meal will be provided! This event will take place at Chippewa Valley Technical College Energy Education Center on April 28th at 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm. Read More…